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Our CEO, Hironari Ohshiro

At the helm of Enagic® stands a visionary leader and the driving force behind our global success – Hironari Ohshiro.

His remarkable journey and unwavering commitment to innovation have shaped Enagic into the industry leader it is today.

Born with an innate entrepreneurial spirit, Hironari Ohshiro embarked on his journey to revolutionise the way the world perceives and consumes water.

In 1974, in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, Japan, he founded what would become Enagic with a bold vision to provide a source of pure, ionised alkaline water to households worldwide.

Little did he know that his vision would evolve into a global movement, transforming lives through the power of Kangen Water®.

Hironari Ohshiro

Pioneering excellence

Hironari Ohshiro's leadership has been instrumental in pioneering continuous Kangen Water® generating systems.

By integrating the latest scientific research and superior Japanese craftsmanship, he elevated Enagic to the forefront of the water ionisation industry.

Under his guidance, Enagic has become synonymous with the Gold-Standard product line, setting new benchmarks for quality, reliability, and excellence.

International Impact & a Commitment to Quality

Hironari Ohshiro's global ambition has led Enagic to expand its reach, with branches in 11 different countries.

His commitment to true health and wellness on an international scale has resonated with individuals seeking a transformative approach to true health and hydration.

A testament to Hironari Ohshiro's commitment to excellence is Enagic's recognition by the Water Quality Association (WQA).

Enagic stands proud as one of the few companies globally with four distinct certifications, including the esteemed Gold Seal – a recognition of the highest standards in producing quality drinking water.

hironari ohshiro

Hironari Ohshiro's Legacy

Driven by a passion for empowering individuals to take control of their well-being, Hironari Ohshiro has positioned Enagic as a beacon of health and wellness.

His vision extends beyond products – it encompasses a lifestyle that embraces the transformative power of Kangen Water®.

His legacy is woven into the fabric of Enagic – one of innovation, quality, and a genuine commitment to improving lives.

Explore the world of Kangen Water® and join the movement that Hironari Ohshiro started over four decades ago.

Embrace a healthier, more vibrant life with Enagic – where the founder's vision continues to inspire and transform.

Overcoming incredible odds to build a legacy for Enagic that extends beyond Kangen Water®

The following excerpts are from the book Quenching the Thirst for Global Success, the Success Story of Hironari Ohshiro, by Toshio M.

Ohshiro is one of six siblings; one of his older brothers died of illness, and his other older brother and one of his younger sisters both died in the war.

Ohshiro only just managed to scrape through the conflict with his life.

His older sister, Hisako Kawabata, and his younger sister, Kinuko, still live happily in Okinawa to this day, close to where they all grew up.

Ohshiro’s home lay inside the coastal road. It was a small rural house, part of a village called Sedake. This tiny hamlet today enjoys relative prosperity by growing turmeric.

Ohshiro’s family was poor, like most others at the time. They were self-sufficient, growing what they could on a small farm. They had nothing to trade for money. It was a hand-to-mouth existence, each day a struggle to get to the next.

There was no hope of saving for the future.

Ohshiro sees this humble home as both the starting point of his own history and the starting point for the globalisation of Enagic. He even keeps this home as his official address, despite owning homes in Tokyo and Los Angeles.

For it was from this tiny structure that Ohshiro crawled, then toddled, then walked towards the challenges of life which lay ahead.

Eventually, Ohshiro would leave his village in Mount Yambaru and make his way to Naha, then Tokyo, then Los Angeles, then further onward to cities all across the world, introducing Kangen Water®, the idea of ionised water, wherever he went.

On the way, his entrepreneurial spirit and his determination to quench his thirst for global success, would be tested.

But he would struggle onward through the storm, pushing forward towards expansion and success.

Ohshiro got word that his father was in critical condition and immediately headed back to Nago.

Once home, he started to work in the village office while taking care of his father.

He worked in the tax collection department for seven years…

He continued to dream, and eventually his desire for challenge would see him leave the village, once again, this time for good.

But life is not always all bad.

His return from Tokyo to the village meant that he could reconnect with his childhood friend, Yaeko.

She soon became his wife.

Ohshiro once again moved to the mainland, this time to take up an accountancy position in Tokyo.

He was planning to become a certified public accountant but the flames that fired his entrepreneurial spirit still burned brightly.

The young couple had quietly started to dream big.

Ohshiro managed to find himself a job, but before long he was transferred to Osaka.

He had always thought that he needed to be in Tokyo to see his dream come true…

Waiting for him in Osaka was a man he did not yet know: Mr. Gushiken, President of the Sony sales branch in Osaka.

Ohshiro’s contact with President Gushiken was transformational: it would bring enough good fortune to drown out all of the difficulties he had suffered thus far.

Spurred on by President Gushiken’s timely advice, Ohshiro began to dream a new dream: one in which the economic success of Okinawa brought economic success to him, too.

So he established Sigmac Japan.

Sigmac Japan became an affiliated Sony sales retail store and sold a variety of products: Sony home electronics and home entertainment products, even Sony brand cosmetics.

Sales were positive as the economy grew. The company quickly expanded.

Sony introduced the Betamax videocassette magnetic tape recording format to the consumer market in 1975, while Matsushita launched the VHS format at around the same time.

The Betamax format piggybacked on the strong reputation of Sony by promising high-quality imaging, to which Matsushita responded with the more reasonably priced VHS format.

The market chose to go with the cheaper option, meaning that Sony lost out. The impact of the loss was felt throughout the whole of Sony, not just its video deck business.

For Ohshiro, previously so successful that he had been invited on a business trip to America, the shock was so great that he was forced to close down his entire company.

It was a hard lesson to learn for the young entrepreneur.

Yaeko, his wife, worked in a cafe, sometimes long into the night, to try and repay some of their debts.

Ohshiro, too, threw himself into work, refusing to feel defeated.

In 1988, a seminar on Kangen Water® and its health benefits was held in Tokyo by a medical professor.

An acquaintance recommended that they go along and listen, so Ohshiro agreed, reluctantly, to accompany him.

At first, Ohshiro was skeptical— whatever this “Kangen Water®” that the professor was talking about, surely water was just water, you drank as much as you needed, and that was it.

As the seminar progressed, however, Ohshiro began to realise that Kangen Water® was more than just the “ordinary” water that the Ministry of Health and Welfare told the people of Japan to drink.

As he listened to the professor talk, he started to calculate in his head.

Who could supply the machinery, what was the market scope, who would be the target customers.

Here was the moment of Enagic’s birth, in the incubator of Ohshiro’s mind.

Enagic is the new name for his old company, Sigmac Japan, and the fundamental principle for this new company remains network sales.

Customers are called “distributors.”

The eight point system is the source of Ohshiro’s “magic power”.

Some have even called it genius.

It’s a system of compensation that nobody else has managed to replicate.

Ohshiro’s retirement is still a long way off.

For the next ten or twenty years, his main responsibility as the owner of Enagic is to foster successors who can take over the company once he does retire.

Read more in the 2023 edition of E-friends.

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