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How Kangen Water compares with other types of water

The human body is comprised of 70% water, so it’s not much of a stretch to say that the basis of vitality and long life is water.

If you want to feel good and be at your optimal health level, you should drink water on a daily basis.

But not just any type of water.

Enagic’s certified hospital-grade Kangen Water machines produce Kangen Water through electrolysis.

You can click here to learn more about how tap water becomes Kangen Water but, for now, let’s take a look at how Kangen Water compares to other types of water.

Tap Water

Tap water is a healthier option than soft drinks however the chlorine, dirt and other harmful minerals present in the water are not so good for you.

The internal filters in our machines clean out 99% of the chlorine to give you clean, healthy, and great tasting water.

Bottled Water

Bottled water is not necessarily healthier than tap water and yet it costs much more.

Although most people conceive it as healthier, bottled water is not guaranteed to be any healthier than tap water.

Often the only difference is the added minerals which have no proven health benefits.

Bottled water can also be slightly acidic, which may affect your body’s pH balance.

It is also important to remember the environmental impact that the production and disposal of plastic bottles is doing to our ecosystem.

By drinking Kangen Water® at home and using your own reusable bottles and glasses, you are helping not just yourself, but also the environment to be healthier.

Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse Osmosis is a filtering process which may be effective in areas that do not receive municipally treated water and is commonly used in bottled water facilities.

The problem with this process is that dangerous chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine are molecularly smaller than water and can freely pass through the filter.

Reverse osmosis also removes healthy, naturally occurring water minerals. These minerals not only provide good taste, but they also serve a vital function in the body’s system.

When stripped of these minerals, water can be unhealthy. In addition, roughly 7-11 litres of water are wasted for every 4 litres of purified water produced.

What about differences in quality of raw water?

The type of original tap water used affects the quality of Kangen Water® and acidic water produced by electrolysis.

Although water produced with municipal city water is not affected, the efficiency of electrolysis drops when well water is used since it tends to hold a lot of free carbon dioxide1, as well as in cases where water comprising only a small amount of electrolytic minerals is used.

Conversely, in cases where the water has excess minerals, the taste may be affected, or Kangen Water® produced may be too high in pH level.

Since the water pressure of the faucet affects the production of water, it is important to confirm that genuine Kangen Water® is being produced by regularly checking that it is set at the correct pH level, and checking the bubbles. In order to take into account the differences in the quality of the original tap water, please run a check on a daily basis.

1Free carbon dioxide – Carbon Dioxide found in water. Some people prefer the taste of water with carbon dioxide, which tends to have lower pH levels. Water with less carbon dioxide is said to be better for your health. Japanese sake tastes better when there is a moderate amount of carbon dioxide in it.

What is the Kangen Water Machine?

The Leveluk K8 water ioniser from Enagic takes your regular tap water, removes bacteria and pollutants and transforms the water into Electrolysed Reduced Water (ERW) with over 60 uses.

With its 8 plates, it creates water with more antioxidants than any other LeveLuk model.

Its touch screen allows you to easily navigate between strong alkaline water, all 3 types of Kangen Water®, clean water, acidic water and strong acidic water.

 Hormonal health expert Dee Zibara explains the benefits of Kangen Water.
CLICK TO WATCH: Hormonal health expert Dee Zibara explains the benefits of Kangen Water.

The K8 has 8 plates and speaks 8 languages, including English.

It has a pH range of 2.5-11.5. It comes with a 5 year warranty.

Why Enagic®

  • Enagic is a 50-year-old Japanese company with a 500 year vision to bring health and wealth to people all over the world
  • Patented product (and compensation plan)
  • Enagic is also the only water ioniser globally with a medical-grade certification in Japan
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • Only 1% of the population know about ionisation and the benefits of this water

How to buy a Kangen Water machine

Click here to book in your product clarity call – ask questions, obtain guidance to any further resources and reach a decision on this investment for you and your family.

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