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Enagic Distributors in Australia

Whether you're an existing customer, a prospective buyer, or a business looking to partner with Enagic, our directory offers a seamless way to find authorised distributors who uphold the highest standards of excellence in providing Enagic products and services.

Explore the ultimate resource for connecting with Enagic distributors across Australia. This comprehensive database is your gateway to discovering the most reliable and dedicated Enagic representatives nationwide.

Why Choose Our Distributor Database?

As a leading platform dedicated to the Enagic community, our database is meticulously curated to feature only legitimate and verified distributors.

Each profile showcases essential information, including contact details, product offerings, and areas of expertise, ensuring you can make informed decisions with confidence.

We take pride in maintaining a high level of accuracy and transparency, making it easier than ever to connect with trusted Enagic professionals.

How to Use the Database

Navigating our database is straightforward and user-friendly.

Either scroll down to see a directory of all Enagic distributors registered with enagicwater.com.au, or click any of the shortcuts below:

What do the Enagic distributor profiles show?

Each listing provides a detailed profile that includes:

  • Business Information: Get to know the distributor’s background, mission, and service areas.
  • Product Offerings: Discover the range of Enagic products they specialise in, from water ionisers to health supplements.
  • Contact Details: Reach out directly via email, or via their social media channels, for more information.

Empowering Your Enagic Journey

At enagicwater.com.au, we believe in empowering individuals and businesses with the knowledge and resources to enhance their health and wellness.

By providing this comprehensive directory, we aim to facilitate strong, transparent connections between distributors and customers, fostering a thriving Enagic community in Australia.

Whether you’re looking to purchase an Enagic product, seek maintenance support, or explore business opportunities, our database is your trusted source for finding dedicated and professional Enagic distributors near you.


This is a directory of every Enagic distributor who has registered to create their profile on enagicwater.com.au. It is not an exhaustive list of all Enagic distributors in Australia. If you wish to verify the distributor status of an Enagic distributor, please contact head office on (02) 9878 1100.

Meet our team

Enagic Distributors in Australia

These distributors have been trained in how to help consumers, as well as teaching others how they can become Enagic distributors.

Significantly, they ALL have Enagic products in their lives and are proof of the change that Enagic can bring.

lisa hedges

Lisa Hedges


Lisa’s life purpose revolves around her twin boys – and she now seamlessly balances the joys of motherhood with active financial contribution.

Cara McPhie

Producer & Distributor

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Bec Gilfillan

Senior Accountant & Distributor

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Caroline Ruge


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janine o'brien

Janine O’Brien

Midwife & Distributor

With a career spanning since 1999 in the nursing and midwifery field, Janine has been a steadfast provider of care for women and their families across diverse care models.

jessica neville

Jessica Neville

F45 Franchise Owner & Distributor

Dee Zibara

Hormonal Health Expert & Distributor

As a fully qualified nutritionist, personal trainer, and hormonal health expert, Dee’s journey has been marked by a profound understanding of the intricate connections between nutrition, fitness, and hormonal balance.

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