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Frequently Asked Questions

Scroll down to find a series of frequently asked questions from people interested in buying Kangen Water machines from Enagic Australia.

This knowledge base is intended to be a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about the Leveluk K8, the Anespa DX and the Ukon DD products from Enagic.

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About Kangen Water

Enagic has been a trailblazer in the field of water ionisation, with flagship products such as the Leveluk K8 and the Anespa DX. In this section, we delve into the science behind Kangen Water and explore its advantages.
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About Enagic Machines: The Leveluk K8 & Anespa DX

Discover the features that set these machines apart, understand their capabilities, and learn how they contribute to producing high-quality Kangen Water.
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Purchases, Payments & Processing FAQ

Considering investing in a Leveluk K8, the Anespa DX or the Ukon DD supplements?This FAQ section covers everything related to ensuring a smooth and informed buying experience.
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Cleaning & Caring for Your Enagic Products

Maintaining the longevity and efficiency of your Enagic products is crucial. In this section, we provide detailed insights into cleaning and caring for your machines, offering practical tips and guidelines to ensure they continue to deliver high-class performance.
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About Kangen Water

Kangen means “return to origin” in Japanese.

Kangen Water® is electrolysed-reduced ionised water created
by a certified Enagic® Japanese medical grade machine.

For 50 years, Kangen Water® has been used in Japan to help restore the body to its original, alkaline state.

These machines can transform your ordinary tap water into healthy, fresh tasting alkaline drinking water.

Kangen Water® is superior to tap and purified water.

Hydrogen Rich

Water that is Hydrogen rich has a high concentration of Molecular Hydrogen (H2).

Molecular Hydrogen acts as an efficient antioxidant that diffuses rapidly across cell membranes and can reduce free radicals, suppressing oxidative stress.

Through the process of electrolysis, your tap water becomes Hydrogen rich Kangen Water®.


Oxidation reactions in the body can produce free radicals, while antioxidants terminate these reactions.

Elevated rates of oxidants and insufficient antioxidants in the body cause oxidative stress.

A constant supply of external sources of antioxidants should be part of one‘s daily diet, to reduce oxidative stress and related damage.

This is why everyone should not only care about the quantity of the water we drink, but also about the quality. Both are essential for our wellbeing.


As with most things in life, optimal health begins with balance. Our bodies must maintain a pH balance of 7.365, which is slightly alkaline.

A pH scale is used to determine whether a substance is acidic or alkaline.

On this scale 7.0 is neutral. Anything above 7 is considered alkaline and anything below 7 is considered acidic.

Negative ORP

Hydrogen rich water is characterised by exhibiting a negative ORP.

A high ORP value (in positive numbers), indicates that a substance has a higher oxidizing potential. In generalised terms, for humans a positive or high ORP is better for the outside of the body (cleaning and sanitizing).

A low ORP value (in negative numbers) indicates that a substance has a higher antioxidizing potential, and is preferred for oral consumption.

Just like pH, ORP values are an important measurement for determining the quality of water.

Create oxidised to alkalised waters for low-tox, eco and health conscious living.

Save thousands of dollars in your lifetime by replacing harmful cleaners and chemicals with non toxic acidic and alkalised waters from Enagic® machines.

Nourish your body with filtered, negatively charged electrolysed- reduced water, full of rich hydrogen – a free radical scavenger and antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress to the body.

Save the planet by reducing plastic waste, chemicals in your home, on your body, in our waterways and the ocean.

By choosing to drink alkaline water, you aid your body in returning to a balanced state.

Kangen Water is a fresh, clean and great tasting way to maintain optimal health!

Kangen Water does not remove many minerals that are lost in the process of purifying bottled water.

Kangen Water has a negative oxidation-reduction potential or ORP.

Depending on how it is consumed, and on the individual’s physical state, it is possible (although uncommon) to experience constipation or diarrhoea a few days to a few weeks after first starting to drink it.

In herbal terms, this is known as the Mengen effect*.

The two conditions are particularly similar in that both cases, the remedy is so effective that it has a negative effect.

If this occurs, the amount of intake should be reduced to half or a quarter of the previous amount until symptoms clear.

Once symptoms have subsided, it is okay to resume intake.

However, increasing the amount of intake will not alleviate the symptoms.

Since halting intake completely may also affect the body, it is best to continue intake, but in lesser amounts.

If there are no signs of improvement, please consult a doctor or pharmacist.

*Mengen effect – Your body may start hurting several hours or a day after you receive chiropractic treatment. The technical term for this is the Mengen effect. It is a natural physical response, where the body tries to go back to normal after muscles and bones have been adjusted.

The oxidation reduction potential* is the electrical potential needed to reduce or slow down oxidation such as rusting.

Kangen Water® must have a negative ORP in order to be considered good, especially for drinking.

ORP is the strength to bond with active oxygen** reducing power, and can be measured through electronic designs in the hardware.

Although a negative value is desirable for deoxidisation power, the actual value varies from region to region.

For example, in Osaka city, tap water records an ORP of 580mV to 600mV, but after using LeveLuk, the ORP becomes pH 9.5 and records the ideal from -150mV to -400mV.

When the original water supply’s ORP increases, the ORP of Kangen Water® moves in direct proportion.

On the Japanese archipelago, LeveLuk is capable of producing water with negative levels of ORP at pH 9.5 even where original water supply marks the highest positive levels of ORP.

*Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) – Electrical potential needed to reduce or slow down rusting and decay (oxidisation). This process is also known as deoxidisation. ORP is measured in terms of negative mVs. The ideal ORP level for the human body is said to be between -150mV and -400mV.

**Active oxygen – Also known as free radicals. Medically it is known to enter the body when one’s daily rhythm of life or diet goes astray when under stress. It is the type of oxygen that causes illness and aging. Maintaining a daily rhythm will help keep this oxygen from entering your body!

The type of original tap water used affects the quality of Kangen Water® and acidic water produced by electrolysis.

Although water produced with municipal city water is not affected, the efficiency of electrolysis drops when well water is used since it tends to hold a lot of free carbon dioxide*, as well as in cases where water comprising only a small amount of electrolytic minerals is used.

Conversely, in cases where the water has excess minerals, the taste may be affected, or Kangen Water® produced may be too high in pH level.

Since the water pressure of the faucet affects the production of water, it is important to confirm that genuine Kangen Water® is being produced by regularly checking that it is set at the correct pH level, and checking the bubbles.

In order to take into account the differences in the quality of the original tap water, please run a check on a daily basis.

*Free carbon dioxide – Carbon Dioxide found in water. Some people prefer the taste of water with carbon dioxide, which tends to have lower pH levels. Water with less carbon dioxide is said to be better for your health. Japanese sake tastes better when there is a moderate amount of carbon dioxide in it.

The white fogginess apparent in Kangen Water® is simply a result of hydrogen gas being released through electrolysis, and does not pose a problem.

If you rest the glass for a while the white fogginess should disappear.

Hypochlorous acid is the body’s natural immune fighter – a substance produced in white blood cells to keep the body healthy.

It’s also the anti-microbal ingredient in pH 2.5 electrolysed water, killing 99.9% of germs and is non toxic to humans and animals.

You cannot buy hypochlorous acid (HCIO) in the store as it has a limited “shelf life” once produced.

With Enagic® machines, you have access to fresh 2.5 “on tap” to use in your home with the push of a button.

Kill all microbes

Pre-rinse all fruits, vegetables and meat – let them sit for one minute before soaking in pH11.5 This will kill all microbes, MRSA and infections.


Disinfect anything – pH2.5 is stronger than bleach, killing 99.9% of germs whilst completely non-toxic and safe to use. Examples: soaking baby pacifiers & bottles, tweezers, menstrual cups. Toilet, shower & sink cleaner.

Anti-bacterial soap & sanitiser

Use in place of anti-bacterial soap and alcohol based hand sanitiser.

Hard water spots & rust

Clean hard water spots off of chrome and rust off of metal.


To stop vomiting take 1-2 table spoons.

Nail fungus

Spray or soak twice a day.

Pink eye

Spray infected eye several times throughout the day.

Sore throat

Gargle 3-4 times per day or put in spray bottle and spray into throat.

Poison Ivy

Spray on infected area as often as needed – will slow down itching and dry up poison ivy much quicker.

Fever, blisters & sores

Spray or gargle to stop and dry up both.

Mole and warts

For abnormalities on skin – soak the gauze pad on a bandaid with pH2.5 and apply over the area. Change the bandaid at least once a day. Often this process requires 30-60 days before seeing results.

Facial lifting & tightening

Spray face and neck (not eyes) then rub skin upward until dry. Finish with Beauty Water (pH6.0) to tone skin.

Open wounds, burns, infections, stop bleeding, candida

Kills bacteria and pathogens – use on cuts/scrapes to help stop bleeding. Clean twice daily until healed. Do not use any other ointments as they only attract microbes by keeping the area moist and sticky.

Brush & gargle

Wait one minute and then rinse with pH9.5 water for 30 seconds to restore the natural pH. This procedure will prevent or resolve periodontal disease & thrush as well as avoid root canals.

Sinus infection

Spray in nose twice a day for 2 days. Wait 2 minutes, then flush with pH11.5 strong.

Click here to download the full Kangen K8 Product Use Guide.

For water used for domestic purposes, including acidic water, strong acidic water and strong Kangen Water, less care is required, but we recommend changing your supply once a week.

To store, please place the water in a lightproof container, fill it to the very top to avoid unnecessary contact with air, and store it in a cool, dark place (the refrigerator is ideal).

Most source waters in developed countries are highly processed with chemicals and sit around a neutral pH 7.0.

The skin’s healthy natural pH is between 5.4 – 5.9, which is slightly acidic.

This is why acidic pH water is an effective, natural way to return the skin and hair to its natural pH.

Hair Conditioner

Spray hair after showering as this conditions your hair. Try not to use conditioner of any kind as this coats the hair.

Facial Toner

Replaces commercial skin toners. Use as final rinse in shower or bath to tone and firm skin.

Rashes & diaper rash

Spray on skin to soothe and heal rashes, including diaper rash.


Bathe pets for more lustrous coats.


Water indoor and outdoor plants for vigorous growth – can revive dying plants.

Eggs and Pasta

Use to boil eggs and pasta.

Freezing food

Spray on foods before freezing including fish and shrimp to help food to retain flavour.


For washing and preparing fruits and vegetables containing anthocyanins: plums, grapes, cherries, strawberries, red cabbage, eggplant, soy beans, asparagus.

Fabric Softener

Use in rinse cycle – approximately 4 litres per load in the fabric softener dispenser.

Window/glass cleaner

Replace all window and mirror cleaners with pH6.0. Can also be used on reading glasses and sunglasses.

Hardwood Floors and Ceramic Tiles

For polishing and housecleaning: hardwood floors, ceramic tiles & laminate – replace tap water with pH6.0.

Click here to download the full Kangen K8 Product Use Guide.

Because winter air is extremely cold and dry, skin care is especially important during this time.

Without taking care of your skin properly, you will suffer from dry and rough skin.

Bodily fluids play an important role in maintaining your body temperature and the health of your skin.

Drinking alkaline Kangen Water® can help maintain glowing, smooth skin.

Since it is important to maintain your skin’s pH level between 5.0 and 6.0, we recommend spraying acidic water* on your skin at regular intervals throughout the day.

During the winter, bathing in acidic water can help preserve the moisture of your skin.

We also recommend that you eat foods and fruits that include high levels of vitamin A, C and E.

Treating your skin with Beauty Water will let you enjoy life even more by giving you smooth and youthful skin.

*Acidic water – Acidic ionised water produced by electrolysis with a pH between 4.0 and 6.5. Its astringent effect is certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. It is excellent for skin care.

Enagic® machines produce filtered, electrolysed reduced Kangen Water for drinking ranging from pH8.5-9.5.

The internal filter removes lead, remaining chlorine (bleaching powder), effluvium, rust and other impurities yet maintains the essential minerals in the water required for ionisation.

Water in its natural state is H2O. When selecting pH 8.5/9.0/9.5 options on an Enagic® machine, the two hydrogen atoms become unstable from the “O” and bond together and become H2 or “Molecular Hydrogen.”

H2 is commonly known as a free radical scavenger and powerful antioxidant.

Kangen Water is produced through a process of electrolysis which separates the positive and negative ions creating oxidised (bottom hose) and akalised (top hose) water.

Kangen Water has a high negative charge or ORP (Oxidised Reduction Potential) which means it can help reduce oxidative stress to the body.

Unlike bottled “Akaline” water which is created by adding minerals to the water, Kangen Water is produced through electrolysis, using the existing minerals like Calcium and Magnesium already in the water.

These are then distilled to their ionic mineral form for optimal cellular absorption yet there is no risk of mineral build up in the body.


Boil and steam rice, soups and stews with Kangen WaterTM – also suitable for tea & coffee.

Spider Veins

Over time of drinking the water and cell repairing, spider veins can improve.


Put any herb or essential oil such as rosemary or lavender in a glass spray bottle, fill with Kangen Water, set for a couple of hours and use as a spritzer in your house for aromatherapy and air freshener.

Click here to download the full Kangen K8 Product Use Guide.

Among the five types of water produced by LeveLuk, the two types for drinking (purified water/Kangen Water®) must be used fresh.

Please keep these two types of water in the refrigerator for no more than 4-5 days and replace the water in your usual drinking bottle every day. 

There are no set rules regarding how to drink Kangen Water® or how much to consume.

It is most common to begin by setting a low pH* level (between pH 8 and pH 9.0), and gradually increasing the amount of intake.

After continuing regular intake for about two weeks, gradually adjust the pH level and amount of intake (between pH 9.0-pH 9.5) based on your bodily needs and physical condition.

The Kangen Water® should be as fresh as possible.

For children or seniors, set the pH level at an even lower level when starting, and gradually increase it as the body adjusts to the current pH level.

In the case of infants (until about a year old), since breast milk or milk is the only thing they consume, the intestinal movement is generally different from adults, and the use of Kangen Water® is not encouraged until the infant begins to consume more sophisticated foods.

In any case, Kangen Water® should not be used to make formula for infants.

*pH – The logarithm of the reciprocal of hydrogen-ion concentration in gram atoms per litre. It is used as a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution on a scale of 0-14 (where 7 is neutral)

Strong Alkalised Water is a degreaser and emulsifier most commonly used for removing oils and pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

It can be used as a household cleaner, laundry liquid, personal care and so much more.

Washing Fruit & Vegetables

Soak for a minimum of 5 minutes to clean off pesticides and herbicides that are rain/water resistant (most sprays!) then rinse with pH9.5.

Sleep Support

Drink a 30ml shot (1/2 to 1 ounce) of pH11.5 before bedtime to help release Melatonin for a great night sleep.

Grease in Eye

Spray 11.5 as needed to soothe and heal eye.

Make Up Remover

Spray on eyes to dissolve and remove make up.

Puffy Eyes

Spray on to eyes to reduce puffiness.

Allergies, Cold Symptoms, Snoring

Use as a nasal wash when sinuses are plugged. Due to the reduction in inflammation of nasal passages this technique can also reduce snoring.

Eye Wash

Rinse eyes with an eye cup – upon removing the eye cup from its packaging, soak in Strong Acid Water (pH2.5) for 1-2 minutes to clean and disinfect Rinse the eye cup thoroughly with Strong Alkaline Water (pH 11.5), fill the cup, following package directions. Using Strong Alkaline Water (pH11.5), place cup firmly around one eye, keeping your eye open, tilt your head back and gently roll your eye as though you were attempting to look up, down, and from side to side. Continue this for approximately 1 minute Now that you have completed one eye, discard the water, rinse the eye cup thoroughly with Strong Acid Water (pH2.5) and repeat steps for other eye. To maintain healthy eyes follow this protocol 1-3 times per week. When working to improve any eye condition, follow this protocol at least twice daily and up to ten times per day.

Ice Cubes

To help off-set acidic drinks.

Hot Bath

Soak pH1 .5 Use at least 4L of pH11.5 added right at the end of filling the tub. This replaces Epsom Salts or any other remedy. This works even better if you have the Anespa from Enagic as well.

Bug Repellent, Sunburn, Bites & Swelling

Spray or soak areas with towel soaked in 11.5 and keep wet by adding small amounts of 11.5 to the towel for a minimum of 30 minutes twice a day. More effective if soaked for one hour, twice daily.

Indigestion, Food Poisoning, Stomach Flu

Drink 1⁄4 cup fresh pH11.5 immediately followed by 700ml of pH9.5 then do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes. Repeat the next day, if necessary.

Arthritis, Gout, Muscle Soreness or Injuries

Since high alkalinity draws out acids, soak in pH11.5 to withdraw acids associated with inflammation, injury and pain.

Polish Silverware

Soak then polish to dry.

Rice, Beans & Legumes

Soak for 5 – 10 minutes and rinse clean with low flow pH9.5.

Laundry Soap & Stain Remover

Use 1 – 2L per load in place of laundry soap – works beautifully for greasy smells. For tough stains, spray directly on the stain and rest for a few minutes before washing.

Stained Rugs & Carpet

Use as a degreaser for any type of cleaning. Clean oil based stains by soaking the area and letting sit for 10 – 20 minutes and then blot dry.

Oven Cleaner & Blocked Drains

Dissolves grease and grime in kitchen – spray, leave for 10 – 20 minutes then use a scratch pad to remove and dry. Pour down drains to remove blockage.

Paint Thinner

Use to clean spillage of oil base paints.

Remove Sticky Residue

Removes greasy, gooey, sticky residue off surfaces.

Click here to download the full Kangen K8 Product Use Guide.

The state of the water does change when the water is heated or chilled.

When heated, the ORP and pH changes.

When chilled, the ORP will change but the pH will remain the same for up to a week based on the quality of water.

Unpurified water has minerals in it*.

LeveLuk is designed to handle a standard amount of minerals.

When the amount of minerals or free carbon dioxide** is greater than usual, the minerals occasionally react with the anti-bacterial feature*** of the water supply hose, giving off a smell.

We have prepared our water supply hose for such cases.

When running water through the appliance for the first time, please set it on purified water and let it run for two to three minutes longer than usual.

*Minerals – Ca (calcium), Mg (Magnesium), Na (Sodium), K (Potassium) and other nutrients found in food and water. Minerals found in water are said to be especially good for your health in optimum amounts.

**Free carbon dioxide – Carbon Dioxide found in water. Some people prefer the taste of water with carbon dioxide, which tends to have lower pH levels. Water with less carbon dioxide is said to be better for your health. Japanese sake tastes better when there is a moderate amount of carbon dioxide in it.

***Anti-Bacterial feature – Appliances such as the LeveLuk that produce something for human consumption are given anti-bacterial treatment. These appliances often comprise many different parts, and it is especially important that the parts where water passes through are not contaminated.

Kangen Water® is intended for everyday drinking and cooking rather than for drinking with medication.

The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare gives the following directions:

  • Do not take medication with machine-produced water
  • Do not drink machine-produced water if you have anaciditas*.

Seek help from a doctor or pharmacist if you feel an abnormality in the body, or continued intake does not appear to improve symptoms.

This is because the effectiveness of medication using Kangen Water® has not yet been tested.

The pH level of stomach acids is about 1.8pH, and medication is prescribed in accordance to this pH level in order for it to take effect past the stomach.

Therefore, to ensure full effect of the medication, we recommend leaving some time between taking the medication and drinking Kangen Water®.

*Anaciditas – This symptom, also known as gastric acholrhydria, is found in people with a stomach acidity higher than the average human pH level of 1.8pH. This makes it harder for them to digest food. These people should not drink alkaline Kangen Water®.

Kangen Water® produces a yellow/green colour (neutral reading) in pH testing solutions, even if it is made on the setting for pH 9.5.

This phenomenon is often observed in areas where well water is used.

Even water that tests neutral has been through the electrolytic process and has the benefits.

This is caused by the carbon dioxide in well water, which is produced from decomposing organic matter.

Carbon dioxide readily dissolves in water, making it acidic.

Water with carbon dioxide can be electrolysed, however, the carbon dioxide is neutralised during the process.

Therefore the water tests neutral on the pH scale.

Driving out the carbon dioxide from Kangen Water® will result in the Kangen Water® expressing blue in pH test liquid.

When measuring the pH using a pH testing solution, place a few drops in the flask before pouring in freshly made Kangen Water®.

There is carbon dioxide in your Kangen Water® if the colour turns blue initially, but eventually turns yellow.

About Enagic Machines: The Leveluk K8 & Anespa DX

Traditionally, strong acidic water could only be produced with large devices for institutional use (at the time, strong acidic water was called hyper acidic water).

We thought that it would be highly beneficial for people’s hygiene if they could produce and use strong acidic water in their homes.

The LeveLuk makes it possible to produce fairly large quantities of strong acidic water and strong Kangen Water® at home.

Electrolysis of water requires high quality electrolysis plates, and the size, thickness, and number of the plates becomes crucial in maintaining durability.

The “double cross line” method* used by other companies has the appliance’s overall durability in mind.

In these appliances, two small electrolysis cells are used in turn to provide resting time, but this limits the volume of water that can be produced at one time.

LeveLuk machines, on the other hand, have three to eight plates, the largest number in the industry, and while maintaining durability via their large surface area and thickness, they allow the appliance to produce large volumes of water (maximum Kangen Water® flow rate is 3-7.5 litres/minute).

Every function, such as supplying voltage according to switching of the pH setting and producing highly acidic water in the same electrolysis cell, is carefully monitored by the microcomputer.

It ensures that the appliance can be used safely for a long period of time.

We recommend that you produce Beauty Water once a day for at least three minutes to improve the appliance’s durability.

*Double cross line method – Also referred to as the auto cross changer method is an electrolysis system where the appliance is equipped with two small electrolysis cells in order to enhance durability by alternating the cells with each water flow.

The electrode plate in LeveLuk’s electrolysis cell is thicker and larger than other companies’ products.

The appliance is designed this way in order to increase electrolysis capacity and durability.

Another important reason is to guarantee the production of maximum volumes of water.

The electrode plates are made of the very highest-quality titanium, plated with platinum.

Needless to say, due to this choice of materials, the electrode plates are completely rustproof.

The electrolysis cell is to a water production appliance what the engine generator is to a car.

We can recommend our products with the utmost confidence because we use only the best materials.

Our electrolysis cell and control (PCB)* secures a high ORP**, and produces safe, healthy and delicious water. The automatic cleaning mechanism ensures that the electrolysis cell is always clean, and it should last 15 years.

*Control PCB (Print Circuit Board) – A board comprising print circuits that manage various data related to the appliance. Hi-tech components/condenser also built in.

**ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) – Electrical potential needed to reduce or slow down rusting and decay (oxidisation). This process is also known as deoxidisation. ORP is measured in terms of negative mVs. The ideal ORP level for the human body is said to be between -150mV and -400mV.

No. All of the machines stocked with Enagic Australia are designed to sit on the counter, not under it.

LeveLuk has an automatic cleaning system.

The amount of minerals in the supply water, such as Ca and Mg can vary greatly, and mineral* clusters inevitably stick to the electrode plates.

They can be broken off, however, easily by reversing the electric current (switching the plus and minus polarity).

Mineral clusters attached to the electrode plate decrease the electrolysis capacity of the appliance, resulting in a failure to produce primary Kangen Water®.

The amount of minerals attached to the electrolysis cell varies according to the quantity of minerals in the tap water.

LeveLuk’s automatic cleaning mechanism is activated for 20 seconds when continual electrolysis reaches 15 minutes.

When using LeveLuk in areas where the water has a high mineral content, change the setting to Beauty Water and turn on the tap slightly so the water is running gently.

This will reverse the electric current and remove the crystals in the electrolysis cell after 2-3 minutes.

Changing the setting to Beauty Water once a day for 30 seconds is another way to clean the electrolysis cell.

The cleaning function is necessary to maximise the life span of the electrolysis cell.

*Minerals – Ca (calcium), Mg (Magnesium), Na (Sodium), K (Potassium) and other nutrients found in food and water. Minerals found in water are said to be especially good for your health in optimum amounts.

We provide a variety of optional accessories to maximise the benefits of LeveLuk including hoses for supplying and discharging water.

Although any length of your choice is available (by the metre) shorter hoses are easier to use for this purpose so you may find the hoses already provided with your machine to be sufficient.

The hose offered by our company has special anti-bacterial* properties that distinguish them from general products.

*Anti-bacterial coating – All the parts in the LeveLuk, but especially those that come in contact with the water in the process of filtering, have had anti-bacterial treatment to avoid any kind of contamination.

LeveLuk is equipped with an automatic water-draining system that prevents contamination and proliferation of germs in residue water.

The automatic water draining system is activated once the water stops.

It takes approximately 30 seconds for all water in the electrolysis cell, water purification cartridge, and all channels to be drained through the hose (grey).

Please note that the automatic water draining system is activated when the water level drops, and positioning the secondary grey hose higher than the base of the appliance for any reason (e.g. pooling of acidic water in the tank, hanging the hose from a rack because of its length) may result in a failure to discharge residue water.

Leaving water behind may cause problems with taste and smell.

Please be sure to have the secondary grey hose lower than the appliance before turning the tap off.

Electrolysing water produces Kangen Water® (alkaline) on the negative pole and acidic water on the positive pole.

LeveLuk is designed so that the flexible pipe attached to the top is connected to the negative electrolysis cell, while the discharge hose (grey), is attached to the base of the LeveLuk, and is connected to the positive electrolysis cell.

For this reason, Kangen Water® and strong Kangen Water comes out of the flexible pipe, and acidic water and strong acidic water comes out of the discharge hose.

Of the four production modes, when the appliance is set on the Beauty Water mode, the electric current is reversed, as it is done for cleaning, so acidic water comes out the flexible pipe and Kangen Water® comes out the discharge hose.

This is the only time the waters are discharged on the opposite ends. Since the acidic mode reverses polarity, it has the effect of breaking off calcium crystals attached to the negative pole and can be used as a manual cleaning mode.

However, in this mode, as the Kangen Water® is coming out of the hose usually for acidic water, we advise against drinking it.

LeveLuk machines purchased from Enagic Australia Pty Ltd are made to be used in Australia and New Zealand.

When using LeveLuk in other countries, it must be adjusted to the particular voltage and water quality of the country.

The LeveLuk K8 however is universal voltage and can be used worldwide.

Since there are few countries where you can drink tap water straight from the tap, and many countries where the water has extremely high calcium content, we recommend selecting a filter that suits the country.

Many laws must be taken into consideration for exporting goods, but individual use overseas is not a problem.

LeveLuk is designed for use anywhere, but cold districts especially must be aware of how to freeze-proof the device during the winter.

When you turn off the water, the LeveLuk activates the automatic water draining system and drains the remaining water through the grey hose, thereby ensuring that no water is left in the appliance.

Although there have not yet been any reports of accidents or breakdowns caused by freezing, if acidic water is left in the tank intentionally by lifting the hose or if the hose is positioned higher than the bottom of the LeveLuk due to space constraints, the automatic water draining system will not operate, and the remaining water may freeze, leading to accidents.

Be sure to keep the hose lower than the base of the LeveLuk when turning off the water flow.

  • You will need to replace the internal filters in your LeveLuk machine every 6000L or once a year.
  • If you use pre-filters, you will need to replace the cartridges when the water flow begins to slow down.
  • If you use your machine to create ph 2.5 and 11.5 water, you will need to purchase Electrolysis Enhancer.
  • If you do like to do E-Cleaning, you will need E-Cleaner powder on occasion.
  • Your machine will need to be sent to Enagic from time to time for a general service we call a Deep Clean. If you do E-Cleaning at least once a month, we suggest you send it to Enagic once every 2-3 years.
  • If you do not do E-Cleaning, please send it to Enagic once a year for servicing.

Enagic recommends that you replace the water purifying cartridge in your Anespa once a year, and the ceramic cartridge once every 2-3 years.

No, warranties will stay with the original owner.

Purchases, Payments & Processing

No, you must sign up an account before placing an order.

You can send through an order request form on this website, but it will need to be processed offline for the transaction to be completed.

We support the following payment options:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Cheque, bank transfer
  3. E-Payment (monthly instalments with Enagic)

There are also finance options available.

For more details, please contact us.

Enagic accepts all Visa and MasterCard only, both Credit and Debit, and is 3D Secure (Verified by Visa, and MasterCard Secure) enabled.

All your credit card information is protected by means of industry-leading encryption standards.

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You can purchase accessories from Enagic using an Accessories Order Form, which you can download here.

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If pick up from the Enagic office is not specified, Enagic will calculate the shipping cost, and charge and ship your order.

Enagic also has a new online store which you can use if you would like.

Please be advised however this web store is fairly new and is hosted by the office in Japan, therefore orders may take a few days to be processed.

If you need your order processed as soon as possible, the quickest way is to fill out an Accessories Order Form.

Please contact Enagic Australia and they will advise you if that item is in stock and available for purchase.

If it is, you will need to write in it a blank space on the Accessories Order Form and send it back with all your other details completed.

No, enagic.com is the company’s main website but it is managed by the United States, therefore their associated web store is strictly for North American customers.

Yes, you can purchase machine orders through the online store by paying in full via credit card or bank transfer, if you wish.

However, sending machine orders to us via your Enagic distributor is still the quickest and best way for us to verify all your details.

Financing is also available only via sending the paperwork.

By purchasing online, you agree to the Return Policy and Policies and Procedures.

However, to finalise your Distributorship, you will need to send bank account information (Australian residents only) and a copy of your photo ID.

Enagic Australia Pty Ltd does not accept any orders over the phone.

Generally, Enagic will issue a copy of your paperwork to you with a receipt if you were charged by credit/debit card.

However, if you need an invoice for your machine purchased in full or for your machine deposit, please contact your Enagic distributor, or the Accounts department via email, or call Enagic Australia directly with your ID number so that you can be issued a formal tax invoice.

Cleaning & Caring for Your Enagic Products

It is necessary to maintain your machine on a regular basis in order to sustain its maximum effectiveness.

The important steps for machine maintenance include:

  • Regular e-cleaning twice a month in hard water areas
  • Deep cleaning once a year
  • Running beauty water daily for 3-5 minutes
  • Running the cleaning cycle after running strong acidic water and strong Kangen Water

In ancient times, the Japanese archipelago was connected to what is now China, but over the years it broke off and drifted toward the Pacific Ocean.

Japan’s soil was acidic back then, and since there are many volcanoes along the Sea of Japan, the soil has remained acidic, and has not become neutral or alkaline.

As a result, the water in areas toward the Sea of Japan is more acidic than in areas closer to the Pacific Ocean.

Although acidic water, which has an astringent effect*, is good for the skin if used for everyday chores and facial treatment, it is not suitable for drinking.

Even when this water is electrolysed, it does not produce water with standard pH levels.

This water is much better for consumption than unpurified water.

The ORP measuring device is the best way to see this for yourself, in which case there is a need to add calcium glycerophosphate** to the water.

By doing so, pH levels can be increased in intervals of 0.5. We recommend that people living in regions on the side of the Sea of Japan add calcium to their water.

*Astringent effect – Acidic water contains a small amount of chlorine ions and has an astringent effect. This water is good for toning your skin.

**Calcium glycerophosphate (Calcium powder) – If the pH level does not increase even after electrolysing water (especially when using well water or tap water in areas toward the Sea of Japan), adding calcium powder will increases the pH level.

Your original tap water supply always contains some minerals.

Especially on the pacific side of Japan, including Okinawa, the land is more alkaline and minerals crystallise readily onto the electrolysis plates and some break off into the water.

Although they look like foreign substances, there is no harm in drinking these mineral clusters.

In order to prevent the mineral clusters from falling into the water, Enagic recommends changing the setting to acidic water/Beauty Water (i.e. run reverse voltage) and increase the pressure and quantity of water once or twice a day for 3-4 minutes to clean out the appliance.

Because of the caustic lime* situation in Okinawa, Enagic recommends people living in this area to use the appropriate pre-filter** (sold separately).

Depending on the situation, it may be appropriate to use multiple pre-filters together.

When mineral clusters stick to aluminium or anodised aluminium***, it turns brown and becomes difficult to take off.

Please refrain from using aluminium or anodised aluminium pans and pots as much as possible.

*Caustic lime – Okinawa is said to exist on top of coral. As a result, the water in Okinawa has a high mineral content.

**Pre-filter – A filter used in situations where the original water supply contains a high percentage of well water or chemical substance. The transparent filter makes it easy to tell when the cartridge needs changing.

***Anodised aluminium – An aluminium alloy often used in household pots.

Small amounts of minerals are found in unpurified water (tap water/sewage water).

During electrolysis, minerals become concentrated on the minus side of the electrolysis circuit, causing clusters to attach to the electrode plate. LeveLuk can remove the clusters by reversing the voltage, but sometimes these clusters fall off naturally.

When you pour this water into a stainless container or glass, the clusters stick to the bottom and sides.

It is difficult to remove these clusters by scraping with metallic objects, etc.

Instead, please pour vinegar into the container and leave it for 12 to 15 hours.

You could substitute citric acid* for vinegar if you like.

These clusters are not harmful even if consumed, so please do not worry.

Furthermore, if you set the machine on Beauty Water (acidic water), and let the water run for two to three minutes, you can decrease the amount of minerals significantly.

Please clean containers that you put Kangen Water® in at least once every three months by the above mentioned method.

*Citric acid – Citric acid is extracted from apples. It has the ability to dissolve clusters of minerals such as Ca and Mg. An ideal and safe way of cleaning water production appliances is to circulate citric acid through the appliance.

Click here to watch the video including step by step instructions on how to clean your machine.

Alternatively, follow the steps from below:

  1. First turn off the machine
  2. Remove the filter from the machine and place the CPU (cleaning powder unit) in the machine where the filter was.
  3. Pour one packet of e-cleaner powder into the CPU and close the top.
  4. Run the water for approximately 10 seconds or about 1 litre.
  5. Put both hoses into a cup or jug.
  6. Run the water until the ends of both hoses are submerged in water.
  7. Let the machine soak for 5-8 hours or overnight.
  8. Rinse the machine by running water for 10-15 minutes with the CPU still in place.
  9. Stop the water and remove the CPU and put your filter back in.

(When storing your CPU don’t store it wet with the lid on, allow it to completely dry.)

For optimal results, you will need to do an E-cleaning regularly and deep cleaning twice a year.

This will ensure maximum effectiveness and yield the best results for your Kangen Water®. 

ALWAYS allow the machine to clean itself after making strong acidic water to prevent this highly acidic substance from soaking on the plates.

If this happens repeatedly without proper maintenance, the plates can eventually become damaged.

After making strong acidic water, change back to drinking water and run water through the machine until it goes back into Kangen mode.

Like anything else, care is essential to ensuring the best performance and longevity of your machine.

Protect your investment by taking the simple steps in properly maintaining all of your Kangen Water® ionisation systems.

The cartridge should be replaced every 12 months or 6000 litres, whichever comes first. 

The display screen on the LeveLuk will notify you when the total volume of water produced reaches 6000 litres.

The microcomputer controls this notification mechanism, so please make sure to press the reset switch to activate the microcomputer when you put in a new filter.

The reset switch is located on the top right of the cartridge section (inside the black cover on the left).

Please press it until it beeps.

The microcomputer also controls other information for the LeveLuk as well, which is why it is critical to remember to press the reset button.

If you are in Australia or New Zealand, you will need to mail your machine to the head office in Macquarie Park (or you can take it there) if you would like it serviced, repaired or deep cleaned.

Click here to download the service form.

There is a square switch situated under the black cover on the front-left of the appliance.

Please make sure to push this button (it should make a beeping sound) when you first set up the LeveLuk or when replacing the filter.

This allows for the correct display on the monitor (liquid crystal display) of all the information stored in the LeveLuk microcomputer.

This reset button must be pushed in order for information to be displayed on the LCD screen.

It notifies the user when there is too much or too little water, sets off an alarm when heated water passes through by mistake, and informs you to monitor the water flow.

By using the reset switch correctly on the LeveLuk, you insure the delivery of safe and healthy water.

Two types of water run through the LeveLuk machine, and Kangen Water® will be produced only when the two run at a fixed ratio.

If the discharge hose is bent, or the stand is positioned higher than the bottom tip of the flexible pipe, acidic water cannot be produced properly.

In turn, stretching the hose below the sink to collect water in a separate container will result in loss of Kangen Water®.

In this case, please do not pull the spout stand to the bottom, but prepare a separate hose to collect water in the container.

Please make it a daily habit to check the water using the pH testing solution and hydrogen bubbles.

It is most likely that the ring (stopper) on the cartridge came off during transportation, or that you have forgotten to take off the O-ring* when replacing the cartridge.

It is highly unlikely that the leaking has been caused by a mechanical fault in the appliance.

*O-ring – Small, round rubber gasket that prevents leakage when connecting the various pipes to the appliance.

Before pouring water through the flexible pipe, you need to take off the scales* (mineral clusters) stuck to the electrode plate** by reversing the voltage***, that is, changing the plus and minus of the electric current.

This is necessary for producing proper acidic water.

By removing the scales and running acidic water through the flexible pipes even when you are not using acidic water, you can keep the electrode plate clean and increase its durability.

Moreover, using the upper flexible pipe makes the appliance easier to use especially when washing your face or pouring water into a plastic bottle.

*Scales – Ca, Mg, Na, Ka and other mineral clusters are produced when water is electrolysed. These clusters are called scales and are not harmful even if consumed.

**Electrode plate – A metal board that conducts electricity during electrolysis. It is made of titanium and plated in platinum. It has superb electrolysis capacity and high durability.

***Reversing the voltage – In order to electrolyse water, the plus and minus of the direct currents must be clear. When mineral clusters get attached to the electrode plate, there is a need to reverse the plus and minus of the current to remove the clusters. This basically sets the appliance on a cleaning function, similar to when it is placed on the “beauty water” setting.

When the original tap water supply is high in minerals (most often seen with well water), a large amount of crystals are formed in the electrolysis cell.

If this progresses, chunks of crystals can become stuck in the net before the flexible pipe, obstructing the water outflow.

In order to remove this clog, poke the area with a piece of wire and blow air into the K8 from the spout.

Please remove the flexible pipe from K8 when cleaning in this manner.

Water flow can also become restricted when a machine is due for a deep cleaning.

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