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frequently asked questions

About Enagic Machines (The Leveluk K8 & Anespa DX)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Traditionally, strong acidic water could only be produced with large devices for institutional use (at the time, strong acidic water was called hyper acidic water).

We thought that it would be highly beneficial for people’s hygiene if they could produce and use strong acidic water in their homes.

The LeveLuk makes it possible to produce fairly large quantities of strong acidic water and strong Kangen Water® at home.

Electrolysis of water requires high quality electrolysis plates, and the size, thickness, and number of the plates becomes crucial in maintaining durability.

The “double cross line” method* used by other companies has the appliance’s overall durability in mind.

In these appliances, two small electrolysis cells are used in turn to provide resting time, but this limits the volume of water that can be produced at one time.

LeveLuk machines, on the other hand, have three to eight plates, the largest number in the industry, and while maintaining durability via their large surface area and thickness, they allow the appliance to produce large volumes of water (maximum Kangen Water® flow rate is 3-7.5 litres/minute).

Every function, such as supplying voltage according to switching of the pH setting and producing highly acidic water in the same electrolysis cell, is carefully monitored by the microcomputer.

It ensures that the appliance can be used safely for a long period of time.

We recommend that you produce Beauty Water once a day for at least three minutes to improve the appliance’s durability.

*Double cross line method – Also referred to as the auto cross changer method is an electrolysis system where the appliance is equipped with two small electrolysis cells in order to enhance durability by alternating the cells with each water flow.

The electrode plate in LeveLuk’s electrolysis cell is thicker and larger than other companies’ products.

The appliance is designed this way in order to increase electrolysis capacity and durability.

Another important reason is to guarantee the production of maximum volumes of water.

The electrode plates are made of the very highest-quality titanium, plated with platinum.

Needless to say, due to this choice of materials, the electrode plates are completely rustproof.

The electrolysis cell is to a water production appliance what the engine generator is to a car.

We can recommend our products with the utmost confidence because we use only the best materials.

Our electrolysis cell and control (PCB)* secures a high ORP**, and produces safe, healthy and delicious water. The automatic cleaning mechanism ensures that the electrolysis cell is always clean, and it should last 15 years.

*Control PCB (Print Circuit Board) – A board comprising print circuits that manage various data related to the appliance. Hi-tech components/condenser also built in.

**ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) – Electrical potential needed to reduce or slow down rusting and decay (oxidisation). This process is also known as deoxidisation. ORP is measured in terms of negative mVs. The ideal ORP level for the human body is said to be between -150mV and -400mV.

No. All of the machines stocked with Enagic Australia are designed to sit on the counter, not under it.

LeveLuk has an automatic cleaning system.

The amount of minerals in the supply water, such as Ca and Mg can vary greatly, and mineral* clusters inevitably stick to the electrode plates.

They can be broken off, however, easily by reversing the electric current (switching the plus and minus polarity).

Mineral clusters attached to the electrode plate decrease the electrolysis capacity of the appliance, resulting in a failure to produce primary Kangen Water®.

The amount of minerals attached to the electrolysis cell varies according to the quantity of minerals in the tap water.

LeveLuk’s automatic cleaning mechanism is activated for 20 seconds when continual electrolysis reaches 15 minutes.

When using LeveLuk in areas where the water has a high mineral content, change the setting to Beauty Water and turn on the tap slightly so the water is running gently.

This will reverse the electric current and remove the crystals in the electrolysis cell after 2-3 minutes.

Changing the setting to Beauty Water once a day for 30 seconds is another way to clean the electrolysis cell.

The cleaning function is necessary to maximise the life span of the electrolysis cell.

*Minerals – Ca (calcium), Mg (Magnesium), Na (Sodium), K (Potassium) and other nutrients found in food and water. Minerals found in water are said to be especially good for your health in optimum amounts.

We provide a variety of optional accessories to maximise the benefits of LeveLuk including hoses for supplying and discharging water.

Although any length of your choice is available (by the metre) shorter hoses are easier to use for this purpose so you may find the hoses already provided with your machine to be sufficient.

The hose offered by our company has special anti-bacterial* properties that distinguish them from general products.

*Anti-bacterial coating – All the parts in the LeveLuk, but especially those that come in contact with the water in the process of filtering, have had anti-bacterial treatment to avoid any kind of contamination.

LeveLuk is equipped with an automatic water-draining system that prevents contamination and proliferation of germs in residue water.

The automatic water draining system is activated once the water stops.

It takes approximately 30 seconds for all water in the electrolysis cell, water purification cartridge, and all channels to be drained through the hose (grey).

Please note that the automatic water draining system is activated when the water level drops, and positioning the secondary grey hose higher than the base of the appliance for any reason (e.g. pooling of acidic water in the tank, hanging the hose from a rack because of its length) may result in a failure to discharge residue water.

Leaving water behind may cause problems with taste and smell.

Please be sure to have the secondary grey hose lower than the appliance before turning the tap off.

Electrolysing water produces Kangen Water® (alkaline) on the negative pole and acidic water on the positive pole.

LeveLuk is designed so that the flexible pipe attached to the top is connected to the negative electrolysis cell, while the discharge hose (grey), is attached to the base of the LeveLuk, and is connected to the positive electrolysis cell.

For this reason, Kangen Water® and strong Kangen Water comes out of the flexible pipe, and acidic water and strong acidic water comes out of the discharge hose.

Of the four production modes, when the appliance is set on the Beauty Water mode, the electric current is reversed, as it is done for cleaning, so acidic water comes out the flexible pipe and Kangen Water® comes out the discharge hose.

This is the only time the waters are discharged on the opposite ends. Since the acidic mode reverses polarity, it has the effect of breaking off calcium crystals attached to the negative pole and can be used as a manual cleaning mode.

However, in this mode, as the Kangen Water® is coming out of the hose usually for acidic water, we advise against drinking it.

LeveLuk machines purchased from Enagic Australia Pty Ltd are made to be used in Australia and New Zealand.

When using LeveLuk in other countries, it must be adjusted to the particular voltage and water quality of the country.

The LeveLuk K8 however is universal voltage and can be used worldwide.

Since there are few countries where you can drink tap water straight from the tap, and many countries where the water has extremely high calcium content, we recommend selecting a filter that suits the country.

Many laws must be taken into consideration for exporting goods, but individual use overseas is not a problem.

LeveLuk is designed for use anywhere, but cold districts especially must be aware of how to freeze-proof the device during the winter.

When you turn off the water, the LeveLuk activates the automatic water draining system and drains the remaining water through the grey hose, thereby ensuring that no water is left in the appliance.

Although there have not yet been any reports of accidents or breakdowns caused by freezing, if acidic water is left in the tank intentionally by lifting the hose or if the hose is positioned higher than the bottom of the LeveLuk due to space constraints, the automatic water draining system will not operate, and the remaining water may freeze, leading to accidents.

Be sure to keep the hose lower than the base of the LeveLuk when turning off the water flow.

  • You will need to replace the internal filters in your LeveLuk machine every 6000L or once a year.
  • If you use pre-filters, you will need to replace the cartridges when the water flow begins to slow down.
  • If you use your machine to create ph 2.5 and 11.5 water, you will need to purchase Electrolysis Enhancer.
  • If you do like to do E-Cleaning, you will need E-Cleaner powder on occasion.
  • Your machine will need to be sent to Enagic from time to time for a general service we call a Deep Clean. If you do E-Cleaning at least once a month, we suggest you send it to Enagic once every 2-3 years.
  • If you do not do E-Cleaning, please send it to Enagic once a year for servicing.

Enagic recommends that you replace the water purifying cartridge in your Anespa once a year, and the ceramic cartridge once every 2-3 years.

No, warranties will stay with the original owner.

It is most likely that the ring (stopper) on the cartridge came off during transportation, or that you have forgotten to take off the O-ring when replacing the cartridge.

The O-ring is the small, round rubber gasket that prevents leakage when connecting the various pipes to the appliance.

It is highly unlikely that the leaking has been caused by a mechanical fault in the appliance. 

By using the reset switch correctly on the LeveLuk, you ensure the delivery of safe and healthy water.

There is a square switch situated under the black cover on the front-left of the appliance.

Please make sure to push this button (it should make a beeping sound) when you first set up the LeveLuk or when replacing the filter.

This allows for the correct display on the monitor (liquid crystal display) of all the information stored in the LeveLuk microcomputer.

This reset button must be pushed in order for information to be displayed on the LCD screen. It notifies the user when there is too much or too little water, sets off an alarm when heated water passes through by mistake, and informs you to monitor the water flow.

frequently asked questions

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