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How to Order with Enagic

To order an Enagic product in Australia (like the Leveluk K8 for Kangen Water, or the emGuarde or Anespa DX) there are two ways it can be done.

To complete an order with Enagic, you are required to submit a Product Order Form.

You can do that by completing our short form online (either using our automated form buider or by submitting your own order online).

Alternatively, you can call us in the office and we will create your order for you.

You will then receive your email for confirmation and signing, and then your order will be sent for processing.

With both options, the order should be completed within a few short minutes, so you can get your Enagic products on the way.

Order Online

You can complete your order online at any time. Here, you can choose to use our automated tool (which generates the paperwork for your specific order) or build your own order. It will then be forwarded to Enagic for processing.
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Call to Order

Your call will be answered by a member of our Sydney office within the business hours of 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday. They will take the information required to make your order over the phone.
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