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The Kangen K8 Water Machine's 60+ Uses

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Kangen Water is electrolysed-reduced ionised water created by a certified Enagic® Japanese-made, medical-grade machine.

With Kangen Water, you can:

  • Create oxidised to alkalised waters for low-tox, eco and health conscious living.
  • Save thousands in your lifetime by replacing harmful cleaners and chemicals with non toxic acidic and alkalised waters from Enagic® machines.
  • Nourish your body with filtered, negatively charged electrolysed- reduced water, full of rich hydrogen – a free radical scavenger and antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress to the body.
  • Save the planet by reducing plastic waste, chemicals in your home, on your body, in our waterways and the ocean.

Download the free K8 product information guide below to see all of the ways you can benefit from Kangen Water.


What They Say

BRILLIANT! I had no idea that Kangen Water could replace so many products in my household.

Sally Delacruz

Sally Delacruz

I’ve had the Leveluk K8 for two years now and I feel guilty that I haven’t been using it to its full potential. Thank you Dee!

Omar Mallor

Omar Mallor

I always knew Kangen Water was great for drinking, but I didn’t realise how much more it could do. I’ve thrown out most of my cleaning products, and haven’t looked back!

Macy Adams

Macy Adams

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