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Water to Thrive
with Dee Zibara & Sarah Andrews

Hear from hormonal health expert Dee Zibara as she explains the benefits of electrolysed reduced water for your health, wellness and home.

In this webinar:

  • The health benefits of ionised water compared to other water
  • See incredible testimonials on the power of this water
  • Learn about additional uses to create a low-tox oasis in your home
  • Find out how to obtain your own

What They Say

This webinar was worth every minute of lost sleep. Got up at 3AM here in Canada to join all you queens! I could listen to the ladies talk about the benefits for hours and hours. Every person needs to hear this webinar, everyone.

I wish my family could have known about this before my mother passed away years ago from cancer that I know was stress related.

But it is my mission to help other families know so they don’t have to go through the same heartbreak. That’s why I do it for my girls!

Blair Abbey

Blair Abbey

Thank you so much for bringing it together for an epic webinar. I learnt so much and feel the biggest fire in my belly to share this water even more passionately with more people. Big love and appreciation to you both 🩶

Kirra Dyer

Kirra Dyer

Absolutely amazing! Very informative and very clear. Loved it all! Thank you ❤️

Betty Fotofili

Betty Fotofili

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