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Distributor Suitability

All questions related to Enagic products we sell, including Kangen Water machines.
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Required Skills

Information for people considering becoming an Enagic distributor.
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Network Marketing

Information for people considering becoming an Enagic distributor.
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Investing in Enagic

Information for people considering becoming an Enagic distributor.
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Distributor Suitability

I absolutely respect if things just don’t feel right. I want it to feel like a full body, hell yes!

If you don’t mind me asking, because I’m curious, what doesn’t feel aligned for you? 

Click here to send me a DM on Instagram or click here to submit a contact form with your question.

I know how you feel!

Remember, we all go through the same with enrolling our partners in our vision.

What I found worked really well for me, was asking for his support, rather than permission.

I then had my partner join an information call with me so he could ask his questions directly and he was sold from there.

Would organising for him or her to be on a call help? Your partner could speak to me, to other direct selling experts, other distributors, or other partners even!

Neither did I!

I went from selling a $500 product to a $5000 product.

What I found was that a sale is a sale. Whether you are selling a $500 product or a $5000 one, the workload is the same (it’s actually now even less, with the automation we have and the sales call being done for you).

So if you have a product that is solving a problem for someone, the sale is simple.

That is what we teach – how to attract people who want what we have!

I hear you. 

But isn’t that why you’re already here?

You want to earn more money and change your money situation?

I started for the same reason and remember the sales team being very helpful explaining all the different options for different budgets.

There are payment and finance plans from as low as $44 per week, which some people pay just for a gym membership!

If you’re already in network marketing, think of the money you already spend on a monthly basis. This could be redirected (either partially or fully) to starting this business on a payment or finance plan.

This is why automation and using the platform is so crucial.

Once you know how to leverage your time to create $1200 sales and have someone else do the close of the sale for you, your world changes.

It’s up to you of course, but for me I always adopt the thinking that we always have enough time for that which is important and meaningful to me.

If I say I don’t have time for something, it’s because I have chosen for it not to be a priority. So if it is a priority, you’ll be able to make the time for it.

Totally, and it does need to feel right.

At the same time, there is never a right time.

I remember thinking when I started, the best time to plant a tree is yesterday. The second best time, is today.

It wasn’t ideal timing for me, but I knew a year from now I wanted to be in a different position so I started regardless of my circumstances.

The ball is in your court. 

I’d be happy for you to schedule a time into my calendar to chat whenever you think it could work – be it 30 days, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, if that’s helpful.

For sure.

Just remember that this has an automated component to save you time when it comes to sales, and allows you to grow your skills in areas that will benefit both your businesses or personal brands.

If it’s a priority for you to have an opportunity to grow a business while you also grow your Enagic business, and time is the only factor, would you be open to chatting about how this could work for both?

Just click here to schedule a call with me to learn exactly how I did the same thing.

Required Skills


The great thing is, our online course (The Freedom Era), teaches you how to plan your content, schedule it or even run Facebook or Instagram ads so you don’t have to rely on being ‘online’ the whole time to have a consistent presence on social media.

Let me answer your question with a question, first.

What do you believe a personal brand is?

If you are worried that you don’t have anything valuable to offer, you need to know that most leaders in this space started off as – and continue to be – everyday people.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to be seen or don’t want to be in the spotlight – because you feel like you’re not good enough or you don’t deserve it – ask yourself how that is playing out in other areas of your life.

Could this business, training and membership to an empowering community be what you need to be seen for the amazing person you are, both online and in real life? Wouldn’t that be worth it?

All you need to share is who you are.

A personal brand can’t be wrong as it’s just who YOU really are – what you believe, you feel, you love, you think.

You would be surprised at how liberating this is when you truly own and start to share who you are – there would be people out there waiting to hear your story.

We ALL have a powerful one to share that could impact others.

That’s what The Freedom Era is for!

You literally don’t need any experience – there is a course and training to answer every question and no matter what your experience level is, the Launch Your Business module helps you set up your business for success online and is all you need.

Network Marketing

This is a very common concern. It’s important to note that there are many reasons why you have not have been successful previously. It could be related to the product, or the market at the time, or to the support that was provided to you, or endless more reasons.

I know how you feel, because lots of people from multi-level marketing (MLM) move into this space for so many of those reasons.

Traditional MLM is good at selling the dream and not the skills, right?

One of the big differences with what we offer is that we empower you with what you need to make a meaningful connection between your customers and the Enagic products.

We have the platform that shows you the teaches you the skills, strategies and steps.

We have expert social media coaching. We use automation to enable you to save time.

We employ a sales team to do calls for you.

And we have a high-ticket product to enable you to make serious money, straight away.

I’m sorry to hear that. So have I.

If it was around the lack of support or lack of results, we offer people to trial our platform for 30 days to experience the coaching, mentorship, automation and sales team first.

Would you agree if you could have seen what you were getting involved with beforehand, you might have had a different experience?

Our platform is completely transparent and allows you to make an informed choice first.

So when you decide to move forward you have the confidence to do so to achieve your  goals and dreams.

Sound good?

I totally understand how you feel. I know first-hand how MLM has been portrayed and many companies encourage unpopular methods of practice.

What I have found is most MLM is selling a dream and not skills.

So what is different about this space is we affiliate with a high commission product that has a commission plan that does not have monthly sales targets or any de-ranking.

Every sale makes you commission and contributes to your next rank.

We use a platform to coach/mentor you and use automation to free up time, and even have a sales team to do calls for you.

The great bonus is you get to trial the platform for 30 days, so you have full transparency before you even decide to move forward and see if it aligns with you first.

A pyramid scheme is illegal and is when money is exchanged without an exchange of a product or a service.

This company is 50 years old and operates as a direct selling business, meaning you earn commissions when you make a direct or indirect sale, not relying on the latter to build your business.

The compensation plan is one of the best in the industry, is fair and equitable and patented because of how great it is.

Investing in Enagic

First and foremost, the Ukon is an excellent product.

It is also the best value for money in terms of building your business.

Each Ukon order is worth 1 point and you make 3 orders total over a 12-month period to make it a permanent position in your business.

However, unlike a machine sale, where you receive ONE point in your business for each sale, you receive THREE for one UKON position!

So when you buy UKON and duplicate it with UKON, you can max out the compensation plan 3x faster.

Once you get to 4A, you open a second business centre with UKON under your first machine position and “double dip” in your own commissions!

You need to have an active Ukon to receive Ukon commissions.


Investing in Enagic products is like buying into your own franchise and gives you lifetime distribution rights to their products worldwide.

You can start on one product or leverage the trifecta and quad strategy for more rapid business growth.

You can sell the machines to new distributors who want to build a business or to customers who are just after the products themselves.

The best thing is – it’s your business so you can do it in the way that feels most suitable for you.

This is a common thing most of us experience when presented with the Enagic business opportunity.

With our recommended strategy, you are combining your personal brand with a patented business model, selling a conscious, medical-grade product.

The products are there for leverage and automation – the beauty of this business is that we don’t have to create our own!

We get to leverage something that people want, need and love without all the hard costs and admin of having your own.

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