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Anespa Order Form

Order Anespa by Enagic Australia to get Kangen Water in your own home.

Congratulations on taking the first step to ordering your Anespa from Enagic.

The form below is for consumers who:

  • would not like to register as an Enagic distributor;
  • want to purchase 1 x Anespa DX;
  • are paying upfront via bank transfer;
  • require their Anespa to be shipped to their residential address; and
  • have not previously been in communication with an Enagic distributor, or are looking to be assigned a distributor from enagicwater.com.au.

If you are require something different, click here to access the Pre-Order Quiz to work out which order form you are required to complete.

If this is the form for you, then simply complete the form below to build your order.

You will then receive an email with the following documents to sign:

  • Product Order Form;
  • Product Return Policy & Collection Statement

Once you have signed that document, your order will be lodged for processing.

Processing usually takes 24-48 hours, before your product will be shipped out from the Sydney office.

You can see more about shipping rates and delivery times here.

If you need any assistance with your order, contact us.

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Residential Address
PO Box is not permitted to be listed as an address. You have also previously indicated that you will receive your product/s at your residential address, so this is where your product/s will be shipped to.
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