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Kangen K8 Water Machine


The mighty LeveLuk K8 anti-oxidiser has 8 platinum-coated titanium plates. The large electrolysis surface area improves water ionisation and heightens the antioxidant production potential.


The mighty LeveLuk K8 (which stands for Kangen 8) is Enagic’s most powerful antioxidant water machine, featuring 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates for improved water ionisation and increased antioxidant production potential.

The large electrolysis surface area improves water ionisation and heightens the antioxidant production potential. With its 8 plates, it creates water with more antioxidants than any other LeveLuk model.

Its touch screen allows you to easily navigate between strong alkaline water, all 3 types of Kangen Water®, clean water, acidic water and strong acidic water.

The K8 has 8 plates and speaks 8 languages, including English.

It has a pH range of 2.5-11.5.

It comes with a 5 year warranty.

You can enjoy this Kangen Water® machine in any country, thanks to its worldwide multi-voltage power supply and interchangeable plug capability (sold separately).

If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile machine with plenty of user-friendly and energy-saving automated features, the K8 is for you.

Why you need a Kangen Water machine in your home

Let hormonal health expert Dee Zibara break down the benefits of the Leveluk K8, and the Kangen Water it produces.

This certified medical device produces electrolysed reduced water (ERW), which you’ll also hear referred to as:

  • molecular hydrogen water
  • hydrogen-rich water
  • ionised water
  • negatively charged water
  • restructured water
  • microclustered or alkalised water

Kangen Water carries all of these characteristics.

As Dee explains, the purpose of electrolysed reduced water is to restore balance on a cellular level, which in turn allows us to unlock each cell’s maximum energy production and, ultimately, your healthiest state.

Higher Antioxidant Power

The mighty K8 is a mighty antioxidant producer!

The K8 water ioniser generates a continuous stream of 5 versatile types of water to meet all your versatile commercial needs:

  • Strong Kangen Water
  • Kangen Water®
  • Neutral Water
  • Beauty Water
  • Strong Acidic Water

Full Colour LCD Panel

The K8 is extremely user-friendly, thanks to a large full colour LCD panel and clear voice prompts.

With just a touch of a button, you can have access to any of the five waters you choose.

Your machine will confirm the water you have selected with a pleasant voice, and in moments the machine will generate healthy, ionised water through a flexible pipe.

8 Titanium Plates

The K8 is similar to Enagic’s Flagship SD501, but it contains an extra platinum-coated titanium plate.

The additional plate means improved water ionisation, increase antioxidant production potential, and stable production of pH and ORP at a higher flow rate.

The K8 is great for small businesses and families.


  • Plug & Play – No more switches! Just plug the machine in and start generating water.
  • Worldwide Multi-Voltage Power Supply, with Interchangeable Plug Capability
  • Automatic Cleaning – Water drains for 10 seconds after 10 minutes of use.
  • On-Screen E-Cleaning Instructions
  • Smart Filter Technology – Let your machine tell you when it’s time to change filters.
  • Automatic Filter Sensor – No More New Filter Reset!
  • Energy Saving – Low input, high output.
  • Auto-Off, Auto-On – The smart Kangen® shuts down on its own to conserve energy.
  • Large Full Colour LCD
  • Touch Screen Panel
  • 8 Language Display & Audio – in Japanese, English, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Water Types the K8 Produces:

  • Strong Kangen Water (11.0 pH or higher)
  • Kangen Water (8.5-9.5 pH)
  • Clean Water (7.0 pH)
  • Beauty Water (5.0 pH)
  • Strong Acidic Water (2.7 pH or lower)

Click here to download our free guide on the 60+ Uses of the water that the LeveLuk K8 provides.


Product Specifications

Electrode plates:8 platinum coated titanium plates
Plate size:135mm x 75mm
Negative ORP:-722 mV*

*depends on water quality and flow

pH Range:2.5 – 11.5
Generates:5 water types

1. Strong Kangen Water

2. Kangen Water

3. Neutral

4. Acidic Water

5. Strong Acidic Water

Total weight:5kg
Dimensions:Width x Height x Depth:

279mm x 345mm x 147mm

Production rate:in litres per minute:

Kangen Water®: 4.5 – 7.6

Acidic Water: 1.5 – 2.6

Strong Acidic Water: 0.6 – 1.1

Ease of Use:Fully automatic, very simple to operate
Languages:8 languages

1. Japanese

2. English

3. French

4. German

5. Chinese

6. Italian

7. Spanish

8. Portuguese

Warranty:5-year warranty

+ option for 3 years extended warranty

Payment Options

These are the most common ways that you can pay for the Leveluk K8.

Upfront Payment

This involves paying the total cost of your machines (+ shipping) in a single payment.

Your payment can be made via bank transfer or via credit card.

Click here for full upfront payment pricing terms and conditions.

Enagic-Approved Finance Payment 

(including an option with 0% interest on all repayment options)

This financing option allows you to make monthly payments over a set period of either 12 months, 24 or 36 months, with no interest, ever!

Click here for the Enagic-approved finance payment terms and conditions.


Enagic also offers in-house financing plans for those who can’t acquire financing.

This provides customers and distributors with the opportunity to make payments directly to the company over a specified period.

Click here to learn about E-payments


Your item will be shipped from Sydney, Australia.

Please see the link below for a list of shipping rates using our preferred provider, TNT.

Please contact us if you would like to organise to pick up your machine from our Sydney office.

Click here to learn about the shipping rates for the Leveluk K8 and the Anespa DX across Australia.


12 reviews for Kangen K8 Water Machine

  1. Travelling Campers

    Had my K8 and Anespa shower unit and Ukon for 4 years now and it has changed our lives in so many ways possible, honestly couldn’t live without it. We have helped change hundreds of peoples lives with Enagic’s products, the Japanese know what they are doing! I cannot wait to get over to Japan myself next year for Enagic’s 50th Anniversary! Enagic Australia has always been amazing to deal with. Thank you!

    Click here to see the full review on Google Reviews.

  2. Lauren Condick

    Purchased the Leveluk K8 and do not regret it. 4 generations on my Mums side have died from bowel disease and my Mum has Crohn’s Disease. I had an instant reaction to the 8 PH water, but after 24 hours I felt hydrated and will never go back to normal water. I am so happy that I made the investment! Love the machine

    Click here to see the full review on Google Reviews.

  3. Tyler Auld

    I love Kangen water. I bough the machine for my own heath reasons as well as my families in NZ. I was given the water one day at a friends house with no knowledge of what it was or what it could do. First gallon and I was sold. I vouch for it, definitely changes your health and your life.

    Click here to see the full review on Google Reviews.

  4. Fitopau Pulepule

    Its been an amazing journey so far with Enagic and I am absolutely recommending Kangen Water to all my families and friends and the health and wealth benefits have been changing lives. Thank you Mr & Mrs Oshiro for sharing your passion with the world.

    Click here to see the full review on Google Reviews.

  5. Penelope Northover

    Love my K8 wouldn’t travel without it on holiday x

    Click here to see the full review on Google Reviews.

  6. J C

    I absolutely love Enagic and Kangen Water

    Click here to see the full review on Google Reviews.

  7. Violet Dunn

  8. Jean Bazile

    Wonderful experience while purchasing another ionizer. Clean and serene space. Highly recommended. 9.5💧⚡️I want to give special recognition to Vivian and Rylan. The both were very kind and professional handling business. Rylan was an exceptional host giving me a tour of the facility and instructing me on the benefits of Kangen Water. Vivian was extra thorough in handling my paperwork and shipping documents. Best Regards.

    Click here to see the full review on Google Reviews.

  9. Dr Anton Gillezeau

    Kangen water machines are an amazing product and the team at head office here in Sydney are always so polite and helpful!

    Click here to see the full review on Google Reviews.

  10. Jennifer Lyons

    Won’t go a day without this water, its delicious, safe & healthy!! Love helping others get a machine

    Click here to see the full review on Google Reviews.

  11. Tiana Fuataga

    Enagic is the best company out there in terms of realising our true mental health, true physical health and true wealth. Our family is blessed by the help of Enagic and its product💖💖💖

    Click here to see the full review on Google Reviews.

  12. Gearoid Ryan

    Best water in the world heals the body naturally.

    Click here to see the full review on Google Reviews.

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