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Return & Refund Policy

The law mandating legally acceptable returns is ten business days. 

Enagic Australia Pty Ltd has established its Return Policy around this ten-day period.

We also understand that there are extraordinary circumstances in which a longer period may be necessary.

If you would like to discuss the terms of a return or refund, please contact us and we will investigate your matter immediately.

When will Enagic provide a return or refund for a machine?
  1. If the new, unused machine is returned within 10 days of receipt*, you will be refunded the full amount minus postage/shipping fees.
  2. If a new machine is returned more than 10 days after receipt, you will be charged with a restocking fee (see below for restocking fees).
  3. If a used machine is returned within 10 days of receipt, you will be charged with a restocking fee.
  4. If a used machine is returned more than 10 days after receipt, you will be charged with a processing fee (see below for processing fees).
  5. If a machine is returned more than 1 month after receipt, no refund is possible.
    • In the event of financing, the buyer understands and agrees to fulfil their monthly payment obligations in totality if the product is outside of this Return Period.
  6. Shipping fees are not subject to refund.
  7. Instalment charges (number of payments multiplied by $10) are refunded on a pro-rated basis.
  8. The owner must pack the machine securely in its original package and return at the owner’s expense.
  9. Proof of delivery is required for all returned products. It is the buyer’s responsibility to return the product safely and securely to the Company.**

Days are counted starting on the day that the order was processed or in the case of shipping, begins with the date of signed delivery.

a) Ten days are business days;
b) One month is counted as one calendar month; and
c) A machine is considered used once water has been run through it.

*Receipt refers to the date of pickup or date of signed delivery of the product.

**Received at Company headquarters at 15/33 Waterloo Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113

Restocking & Processing Fees
ANESPA DX$100$350
Contact Us

For further information about our Returns & Refund Policy or practices, please contact us here.

Effective: Saturday 1 July, 2023