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Dee Zibara

Hormonal Health Expert & Distributor

As a fully qualified nutritionist, personal trainer, and hormonal health expert, Dee’s journey has been marked by a profound understanding of the intricate connections between nutrition, fitness, and hormonal balance.

janine o'brien

Janine O’Brien

Midwife & Distributor

With a career spanning since 1999 in the nursing and midwifery field, Janine has been a steadfast provider of care for women and their families across diverse care models.

jessica neville

Jessica Neville

F45 Franchise Owner & Distributor

Sara Cummings

Distributor & Digital Business Specialist

Sara is now super passionate about helping women cultivate confidence in themselves to be creators of their own lives, realise their potential in this business, and live with total choice.

lisa hedges

Lisa Hedges


Lisa’s life purpose revolves around her twin boys – and she now seamlessly balances the joys of motherhood with active financial contribution.

alicia fritsch

Alicia Fritsch

Distributor & Digital Business Specialist

Alicia is a former bank manager and hustler, forever feeling stuck on the hamster wheel of busy and burnt out. She now mentors other mothers to be present and have quality time with their babies while earning passive income.

kenzie ham

Kenzie Ham

Distributor & Digital Business Specialist

Kenzie has gone from working 50+ hour weeks in her 9-5 to living full time on the road in her van with the support of her Enagic business.

anna stella turner

Anna is a holistic mindset coach for online business owners and for the past two years has been the head mindset coach for the TWEC community. She is here to answer your questions and support you to make a really empowered decision on whether this is a match for you.

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