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Midwife & Distributor

Janine O’Brien

With a career spanning since 1999 in the nursing and midwifery field, Janine has been a steadfast provider of care for women and their families across diverse care models.

From public to private settings, her expertise now extends to offering homebirth and midwifery care across the expansive region from Sydney’s beaches to the mountains.


Fundamentally my view and belief of Midwifery is to be ‘with women’. To be with women in their multifaceted journey through a time that can be one of the most life changing events in a woman’s life. As the World Health Organisation states, midwives are the most appropriate health care provider for women and normal birth. It is my belief that this encompasses & is influenced by the physical, mental and spiritual & sexual aspect of the women.

Forming relationships with women and their families, and providing a continuation care model enables trust, communication, respect, education, support and care.

It is due to these continual relationships that all of these attributes are embodied.

In this relationship there is a sharing of knowledge so as the women with her family can make informed decisions.

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