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Distributor & Digital Business Specialist

Meaghan Hughes

Meaghan is an ex business owner in the hairdressing world, since becoming a mum to her two babies and discovering there was more to life than the hustle lifestyle that left her burnt out.

Following her passion for health and wellness, Meaghan became a pilates instructor and reiki healer, to show her babies how to live their best life all while looking after their health.

Knowing that time truly is our most valuable asset in life, she now spends her days travelling Australia with her young family and creating an income online to support this lifestyle.

After always having a passion to help others create their dream life, Meaghan now supports others to make an empowered decision if this business is an aligned match for them.


My journey in the online space above anything else has given me freedom of choice what to do with my time.

How I can give back and help others has always been a huge part of who I am but to also learn to circulate that love and kindness towards myself has been something I’ve learnt more recently.

Creating a personal brand has a beautiful way of uncovering the parts of you that you had stored away.

The parts that were to scary to accept, the mirrors get held up in the most beautiful way, for you to see the full version shining back at you waiting for you to be courageous enough to show the world, its something truely unique and special.

This journey has helped me see beauty everywhere, notice the world through a different lens and choose my every reality.

Celebrating the journey of life and where it guides me. Grateful for everything on my path as it makes me who I am and that’s the real beauty coming home to the essence already within you rather than seeking it externally from you.

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