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Distributor & Digital Business Specialist

Steph Stone

Steph is an ex-corporate, ex-hustler, ex-burnt out woman in business, who no gets to live a life of more fun, freedom and choice, based on the decisions that she says “radically” changed her reality of what’s possible, for the freedom based life she always wanted to create.

With degrees in exercise science and nutrition, Steph successfully sold her 10+ year personal training & nutrition business before moving moved into the mining industry, heading up Health & Wellness programs for some of the biggest corporations in the Energy & Resources sector at a national level.

After six years in the industry, Steph decided there’s got to be more than the 9-5, four weeks leave per year. And she was on her quest to uncover a more spacious and sophisticated way to do life and earn an income.

Fast forward three years into the Enagic business opportunity, Steph is now 6A2 in this space and happily based in beautiful Byron Bay, travelling the world and living her unique lifestyle by design.


I was once a corporate player, a former hustler, and someone who knows the burnout of the business grind all too well.

But now, my life is a celebration of more fun, freedom, and choice, thanks to decisions that I boldly describe as having "radically" shifted my reality and opened up new possibilities for the freedom-centric life I've always dreamt of.

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